European Local Swap 3/2019 Pairings and Hauls

finally I set pairings, it was quite difficult, but here we go.

Quick overview of rules:
send a minimum of 3L beer to your recipient
pack safely. In case of problems with box, e.g. broken bottles, missing box, you are required to send new box.
send only unrated beer by your recipient
don’t send crappy beer, unless requested from your recipient
After shipping, send me and your recipient tracking number
Post your haul when box arrives
Write trade feedback, rate beer. It would be nice if you mention from who you have your beer.

Shipping no later than October 27th. If you can’t make that somehow, please inform your recipient and me. Also inform me and your recipient when you have shipped.

And finally here are pairs

cuso Slovakia
HerrKlemann Austria
Cunningham Norway
Wendigo Slovakia
bierkoning Netherlands
simontomlinson England
hauxe Germany
midovark Hungary
rauchbierlover Germany
TomHendriksen Netherlands
Beerhunter111 Germany
DanTomlinson England
SinH4 Germany
Sebilinz Austria
Taboada Spain
Koelschtrinker Germany
Hermod Finland
MonsterMagnet Netherlands
Minutemat England
japppp Finland

You send box to person who is below you in this list. Cuso sends to HerrKlemann, Jappp sends to cuso.

let’s party start


Sent a message to both. :sunglasses:

Nice pairings! Thanks for your effort

Contacted both :grin:

Sent message to @MonsterMagnet

contact made both ways!

Contact made with both.

looks like you forgot me :fearful: :cold_sweat:

@Erzengel. Oh Jesus, I am sorry yes, I haven’t counted you in. Only what I ca do, is I send beers to you and you send to @herrklemann, if he agrees. Another way is that Jappp will send box to you and you to me, wait… this is penalty for you, not for me, so no. I have to drink some very bad beer as expiation.

@Cuso Don’t worry - I was a bit (very) disappointed this afternoon when I saw it - but now it is ok - I will participate in the next swap and will drink beers from my cellar in the meantime (+ probably a few from @Beerhunter111’s beers he receives this round on a tasting to come…).

I’d be fine with both options. Hash it out and surprise me! :slight_smile:

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Saarland is my only missing German State so if you want I can send you one spanish box and you send me some German beers.
I have no problem sending two boxes this swap. As you wish.


@Erzengel? What do you think?

I’m in contact with both guys now.

@taboada & @Cuso: sounds great - thank you. Alex, I’ll send you a BM later this day so we can work out the details :beers:


Spoke to MonsterMagnet, no reply yet from japppp

Everything is OK? Everybody was contacted and you have required contact info?
So far two boxes are on the road.

I’m good, contact on both sides, have the selection for minutemat ready, just need to pack and find a way to drop off the parcel.

Yes got a reply from japppp.

Yes, contact with both.

Little statistics: 5 boxes are in on the road.