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New styles - when and what stats?

So, Joet is running RateBeer alone, like a one-man-mission??? Just wonder: what happens to RB if he gets tired of all this and suddenly decides to give a shit and abandon this troubled ship? Will RB be history then? Members left alone not able to do anything?

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I was quite surprised when I realized this. Doesn’t feel very assuring.

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Let’s hope Mr. RateBeer is still alive…

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That’s how Joe got the website in the first place :smiley:

Maybe it will be up for sale of Craigslist when he gets fed up.
How much would you pay to take over?

Well, I hoped that AB InBev came with a hell lot of money…

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FT: $50 box of locals + misc. glassware ISO: Ownership


I’ll toss in some hote golde pump clips from the shires.


As long as we have sign off, then it’s good for me. I had not seen sign off from the admins and was watching late observers and edits recently on the doc itself.

Excuse my absence! Now that we have a crew capable of spotting and dealing with outages, I’ve felt much better about taking an actual holiday with family.

About the changes themselves… it’s very late game to drop them in now and expect a rush of admin changes to better allotted styles to work out fine for RateBeer Best. I’d be much more comfortable implementing the style changes after RateBeer Best lists are solidified, even if that’s before the actual announcement.


Many thanks for the response @joet - so we can expect the new styles to go live this February then?

I think it would help to keep some users with the site if they knew that user-requested site improvements were definitely coming at a set date…

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The work on the styles doc is truly excellent.

Yes, we can count on an implementation in February. Changes to the beer page may be slightly delayed. I’ll be picking up fixes to profile and elsewhere around the site as needed. I’ll do as much debugging as possible on QA.

This will be top order of business for me after RateBeer Best.

Thanks for all your help with this major project! It’s looking great!


Any date for this?

This was not on the doc when I first worked on it, but maybe adding Graf (beer/cider hybrid) to the list should also be considered… It seems to become a thing (here in Quebec at least).

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Seen a couple of UK Grafs. Did a search. I note that the UK ones have been entered as Traditional Ales, whereas some US versions are down as Fruit Beers

Had not heard of graf until now. Having read about it, Fruit Beer (with a graf tag) certainly sounds like a closer match than Traditional Ale out if the existing styles.

Happy for it to be added as a new style if it is genuinely becoming a thing; haven’t seen any myself yet though.

Would very much like to know a definite date for the new styles release though - any news @joet @services?

New styles are supposed to be happening before April, according to services… but who knows when they will actually arrive, given what’s happened in the past:

I’m scheduled to receive my 15th Faro putting me at 15 of every beer style on 3/13 but won’t get chance to drink and rate until like 3/26 or so, so selfishly want roll out just after that so I can at least see my accomplishment briefly in stats before new style adds give me new targets to acquire.


It was October then New Years then February, and recently per the RateBeer team QA Joe said April so seeing it is always a 2 month delay. I predict JUNE! But probably August. Or maybe…

I don’t want to bitch and moan and I understand things get delayed and what have you, but if we pick a date I want it to have some validity and not just to hush the crowd. If we honestly have no real set timeline then it is absolutely okay to just admit that and say so.

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Heading to Europe this summer so I’m really wanting to know what I need to watch for so I don’t miss any chances to collect new styles.

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I’ve added two UK grafs, one this year one last, both down as fruit beers as this was the most common style under the “graf” tag - https://www.ratebeer.com/tag/graf-graff/ - happy for an admin to change them if traditional is currently deemed more accurate, I have no clue, but fruit beer made sense to me because of the apple content.

There’s not many, at least not many that have been tagged. Currently 0 as Traditional Ale according to the tag page. This could be simply because nobody has bothered tagging them. But they probably should as it would strengthen the justification for adding it as a style.



April 2020 maybe? :smiling_imp:

Assume that if it was nearly ready, fixing the recent site outages would have taken precedence anyway. But hopefully it’ll come soon? @joet @services