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That Little Creatures brewpub is now under new ownership (the people who bought Fourpure a d Magic Rock) and has reopened under a new name.

The brewery there is currently not operating. If it does reopen it’ll be under different ownership so presumably Little Creatures Regents Canal should be closed:


In fact I see a few of our Scandi fellows visited it in Augist not realising it was no longer a brewpub.

This beer https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/brew-by-numbers-32-pilsner-german-style/879203/ is now 4% (I have photographic proof if required). Quite a change from the previous 5% (and it’s not even a cask beer) - does it need to be split or renamed or what ?

Personally a 1% (total) ABV shift in a pils wouldn’t get me adding a new beer to the database.
If another admin wants to add a very similar beer i wont be losing sleep.
More about recipe shift for me … maybe email the brewer and ask them if they see it as a different beer ?

I agree with Cloin, a reduction of 1pc point isn’t all that significant. The brewery is selling cans of this on their webshop with the same description and branding as before and I couldn’t see anything announced on their socials about it being different in any way. Unless confirmed to be a recipe change I’d rather just edit the ABV and add a note in the description “previously seen at 5% ABV” or whatever.

Can somebody do that then please ?

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These appear to be the same beer and need merging (only difference is that the second one has been entered with the name spelled incorrectly, so the first one is the one to keep):


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This beer is a collab with 2nd Shift


Which should be on the beer name.

These are the same beer:



I kept the 2nd one added as it had more details of the beer.

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Brunswick Brrewery in Derby use the name “Engine shed Project” for their experimental beers. There was already one beer listed under this name, and I have just added another. However, rhere are quite a few other beers we have listed that should be Engine Shed Project ones. The following beers need to have their names changed

Band Wagon https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/brunswick-band-wagon/542686/
May Contain Nuts https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/brunswick-may-contain-nuts/811085/
Meach Pelba https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/brunswick-meach-pelba/773272/
Ubiquitous https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/brunswick-ubiquitous/596809/

Untappd also list ESP beers Antipodean and The Ghan - but we don’t have those beers listed at all


Fixed these and added The Ghan as that was recent, but Antipodean was on Aug 2018 by their facebook page and doubt anyone had it if it’s not been added now.

There a few others that were never added like this:

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This lot have moved.https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/izaak-walton-brewhouse/37533/
Their new address is
Izaak Walton Brewhouse, Railway Inn, Norton Bridge, ST15 0NS
The Railway Inn is the brewery tap

They also have quite a few beers we have no record of
Zonker, Bombay Duck, Tin Head DHB, King Salmon, COTD – Suoer King Carp Retrieving Piranha

You are more than welcome to add then, most times they aren’t here because no one has had them. I’m also sure someone would verify those entries.