Release: First version of new Activity Feed

Activity Feed

The first version of activity feed is for assembling several types of the info you like to see every time you visit the site. Thanks for your feedback on the sneak peak! Many updates were made as a result of your comments and suggestions. I’ll be adding additional bits into the feed – one suggestion was for bits of beer trivia, another was for changes in top lists around the site. I’m still working on adding milestones.

I hope you like it! Feedback here or direct message encouraged!



It let me know there was a nearby beer place I needed to rate which I promptly just did, so in that sense nice success.


If you get the notice about location missing despite having all the info filled, then you need to do the resave (as the notice says).

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Or you simply hit Reload page on your browser, it should be ok after… not the best solution… but better than going back to your profile

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Reposting this because I just accidentally posted it in the first glimpse thread…

Wow literally none of our feedback was taken on board? My complaints are all the same as before and by the looks of it so are everyone else’s too.

  • The feed is only 457px wide. My mobile device has more pixels than this. Useless. Fill the damn width of the page. It looks retarded right now.
  • It’s not in chronological order. Useless to me.
  • Number of ratings logged is for some unspecified arbitrary period instead of 1 day
  • The dates on place ratings make absolutely no sense. Wtf does “Friday, September 14, 2018 and 4 more” mean?
  • And why am I even seeing stuff from a week ago so high up in the list? Show me stuff happening now.
  • Newly Added Beer doesn’t show the username of the person who added it.

Pretty disappointed that all the feedback fell on deaf ears.


@joet You should remove the right column completely (People And Breweries followed) , in all of the 5 “Latest pages” and optimize the left column instead.
The Manage People Followed and Manage Breweries Followed already have their own page and link in the menu (see top right) so it’s useless to have it on each page again, and reducing the size of the main column on each latest pages… especially on the new Feed page where it shrinks it way more than the others, which makes it look not very good on desktop…that right column isn’t particularly good looking either compared to the rest anyway and it’s also available from our profile page (a more useful place there since it’s from our profile, and better looking there too) so you don’t need it in the Latest/Feed section

Yeah all of those were exactly all the points that were mentioned in previous feedback…

All the beers and brewers icon pics redirect to wrong url (redirect to a user profile) if you click on them

Wow, no not at all!

  1. The columns widths are responsive and were changed to accommodate an additional width at the size you’d mentioned. Not all sizes will be accommodated. This was mentioned in a prior post.
  2. Feeds are not intended to be in precise chronological order but designed to be ordered in terms of importance. That said your feedback was incorporated to put items within some groups in very close to chronological order
  3. i didn’t see this feedback but the period isn’t arbitrary. I will make the period more explicit and/or adaptive.
  4. again, this was not something you raised correct?
  5. again not something you mentioned yes?

A list of all the changes based on feedback
a. added code to suggest browser not cache any page that was rendered without location data
b. added language to location messaging to inform users that a re-save may be necessary
c. greater chronological ordering within groups
d. removed retired places from list
e. added another breakpoint for an additional screen size
f. fixed non-rendering characters in text output
g. changed threshold for brewer add invite
h. changed date formatting to be consistent
i. changed language in add a friend

These were all suggested in that thread, and not all your suggestions are in line with the goals of the feature. All these corrections were made quickly. To say that “all the feedback fell on deaf ears” sounds a lot more than inaccurate.

  1. It looks bad on every desktop screen
    (the right window is the largest resolution I can have before that damn Favorite right column gets there and takes all the place, left window, just nix it)
  2. Things like a 7 day old beer spots aren’t useful at all, we don’t need everything in chronological order but weeks old stuff aren’t good, especially if you check it frequently…People on Facebook like the new released posts and stuff, they usually don’t go scroll back to 1-2 weeks old post on their news feed.
  3. I wrote about the number of “logged ratings” not being on a day basis.
  4. I wrote about the “and X more” bad placement :stuck_out_tongue:

And why don’t you use the new Website Header on new pages?

It would be better if the Place Ratings and Beer Ratings had the same look, whereas currently:

Beer rating:
Nisse666 logged 60 ratings.
Latest: A 3.6 for Angry Chair Coat Tails .
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Place rating:
Grumbo gave Freston Boot a rating of 72
Saturday, September 15, 2018 and 9 more.

If the place rating had the same look/text as the Beer rating, it would look more consistent and the “and more” would not be needed:

Place rating:
Grumbo logged 10 place ratings.
Latest: A 72 for Freston Boot .
Saturday, September 15, 2018

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What’s the deal with “following” styles? How does it work?

Sorry I misspoke. Not “all” feedback, you’re right. Maybe it’s my own little echo chamber but it seemed to me that the top two feedback items were about chronology and feed size, neither of which appear to have changed, which is why it initially felt like nothing had been done.

Feed Width:
Yes, I noticed it’s responsive, but only when resizing my browser to resolutions below about 800px or so. Above this it should match the full column. My desktop is 1440p, admittedly rather wide, but my laptop is just a standard 15" screen so probably one of the most common sizes in use, yet it’s too narrow even on this. Look at the screenshots Viper posted in the other thread, there’s too much white space either side.

Yes I noticed the grouping, I actually like this but I think there’s still some tweaks to be made to make some of them more useful to us. Let me go through each group right now and think about it properly and give my thoughts on each one, positive and negative…

  • Beer Ratings - this is fine, I follow enough people that these are all from within the last 24 hours, but please do clarify the time period the number of ratings is from as this used to be within the same calendar day so it’s confusing to see for those of us used to the old feed.
  • Place Ratings - this is fine, I see stuff up to a week old. Places are rated far less often than beers so this is expected.
  • Locally Available - this is a problem. I suspect because there aren’t any other active raters in my area. Anyway, I’m only seeing 1 beer here. It’s one I spotted myself so I already know about it. But it’s one I spotted a week ago and it’s kicked now so if this is showing up in anyone else’s feed it’s already too late for them.
    That said, I don’t know what else to do about this. Some beers might be permanently available so week old data is absolutely fine for traditional pubs for example or taprooms having their core range on. But for most other cases won’t this be going too far back? In this particular case of mine I know the venue frequently only gets 1 keg of each beer in so once it’s gone it’s gone and that’s within a week if it’s a popular one.
    In any case, I don’t think it’s worth showing us beers that we spotted ourselves as the implication is we already tried it. And if no other users have spotted beers in your area within the last week then simply hide the group?
  • Newly Added - I’m seeing stuff I added myself which isn’t particularly useful but it’s better than nothing at all. Maybe you can exclude beers the user has added themself? Not sure how others feel about it but I think I’d rather see beers others added as I probably won’t be aware of those ones.
    Also, I’m only seeing beers added to my “favourite breweries”. This is great, but in the past I discovered brand new breweries thanks to noticing that a user I follow added one and I checked it out due to curiosity. So is that something you can add back in? In a separate group of course, I miss this.
  • Unrated Place - whatever you did to fix this seems to have worked, I actually see a local place here now

Missing stuff:

  • New Brewery added. Not seeing any but that is likely because no one has added one recently. But can you confirm this would show in the feed should someone actually add one?

So there’s a (hopefully) more constructive wall of text. I’d still greatly prefer a fully chronological feed, but if this is the way you’re going then you have my feedback above for the groupings.
And btw yes you’re right those last 2 points I made weren’t feedback I brought up myself because I didn’t notice them first time round. I don’t know if anyone else in the thread raised it. But anyway it’s raised now.

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I would rather see this list chronological. It’s safe to assume if I’m following someone or something i would consider it important.


I don’t seem to be able to set my location in a way that makes the activity feed happy. When I save my profile I get this error:

Didn’t find part2 of the location data in the response.

For beer Spots, I would change change the “Beet-spotted” to “spotted” only…a cider or a sake being beer-spotted seems like some kind of beer raping to me :stuck_out_tongue:

also, a new beer shows as Overall 0 (0)…maybe you should put n/a or even better “New” if the score isn’t shown because it’s new…and rather than (0), maybe (0 Ratings) would be more comprehensive.

You may need to add a Postal Code in your account settings, adding that seemed to sort mine out

I did have a postcode already, but it looks like it was not able to deal with the umlaut in the street name - just like all the other geocoding bits on the site.


for the new version: it’s terrible.